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2011-07-19 12:27:03 by TheVN

just a empty post to replace my old robot day entry post.
so, no big news for you guys :P

Entry is going well

2011-07-04 15:54:55 by TheVN

I worked out the concept for my robot day 2011 entry now and can finaly start working on the final product.

Hope it turns out as expected.
Wish me luck :)

robot day 2011

2011-06-18 05:45:40 by TheVN

Just heared about the robot day 2011.
Since I love mechas and robots I think It would be a great Idea to work on an entry for it.
Shoulda be finished quiet soon so stay tuned :D

hello folks

2011-06-12 12:51:30 by TheVN

Hello. Signed up on NG just minutes ago.
Ive already posted my latest picture on the portal so feel free to take a look.

You can find my older pictures on DA:

I plan to create mostly mecha-themed pictures, but also cartoons and comic strips. Im always open for new directions and new Ideas in any way.

And dont be to gentle with criticism. I can handle it ( as long as its no flaming or trolling :P )